Some of the hundreds of images

and artifacts in our collection...

Church bass and melodian,

Old Town House

Talent Show in the Community Hall -
"Grand Finale"
Heath summer resident Reinhold Neibuhr,
theologian who created the Serenity Prayer,
performing in Talent Show in the Community Hall.
The Manse (1756)  
Originally built for Heath's first minister,
the Reverend Jonathan Leavitt,  currently 
the home of Doug Mason and Nina Marshall 

"Transfer print" pitcher, 1800s

Spinning wheel and yarn winder, Solomon Temple Barn
Some of the items on display
at the Center Schoolhouse

Hon. Felix Frankfurter,

Supreme Court Judge (1939-1962)

This summer resident is credited

with getting a post office in Heath

Squire Benson
"Squire" was  this early Heath patriarch's given first name, rather than a title
Detail from a "bouquet" of hair & wax flowers arranged in a wine glass, mounted on a wooden base under a glass dome. Label notes that "Over one hundred persons contributed hair from their heads" to create this unusual artifact.
Young Anna Norton's headstone 
from her grave near Fort Shirley.

Ribbons from the Heath Grange, an important part

of Heath's rich agricultural life.

Grinnell Collection

Hitchcock dam and mill. Before it was washed away in the 1938 hurricane, a variety of products were produced at the mill including chairs and whip butts.


Sawmills and their owners are listed on a card which accompanied this donation.