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The Reverend
 Jonathan Leavitt

Doesn't look like a very pleasant fellow, does he? From the tales passed down about this gentleman, it seems he was indeed not a picture of Christian humility or a shining example of generosity to his fellow man...and he was a Tory sympathizer to boot!


This portrait is asserted to be that of the Reverend Jonathan Leavitt (1731–1802). Perhaps even more amazing than its very existence, this portrait now hangs in the home (now known locally as "the Manse") that was built for Rev. Leavitt when he was engaged in 1767-68 as minister of Charlemont - before Heath even existed as such.


Rev. Leavitt is without question one of the most colorful characters from Heath's past - and in his way, one of the most influential. As Edward Calver's History and Guidebook notes, "...the origin of the Town of Heath lay in his woodpile."

Find out what that woodpile had to do with Heath's founding and learn  more about Rev. Leavitt's fascinating story. Coming soon...

Portrait said to be of Jonathan Leavitt

Image courtesy of

Doug Mason and Nina Marshall.

Watch this space for a more details on the story of the Reverend, and why we are pretty certain that in many ways... he was a bit of a jerk!

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